All you need to know about our Black Friday + Cyber Monday event

It’s very simple- we want you to have the best Black Friday and cyber Monday of your life this year. So we are involved- what better way to brighten up your day than discounted Kem Beauty products? This time last year (the 26th to be exact) we launched our website and opened our business to the public, since then we have grown an insane amount and only have you all to thank, so this BFCM we are doing a sale like never. Our customers know that we hold a high standard of quality across all our products and this is reflected in their performance and price. This Black Friday, experience KLB’s bestsellers and new products with money off, so whether you are stocking up on your faves, buying gifts or trying us out for the first time- you won’t be disappointed. Here’s a few tips and announcements about our BFCM weekend sale so you are in the loop:

  • All of our lip glazes and highlighters will be back in stock this Friday but be quick! They are bestsellers for a reason
  • The Etoile skincare set launches on the site on friday
  • Things will go out of stock, BFCM is a big event so it’s likely that whatever you have your eyes on – a lot of other smart ladies have their eyes on them too!
  • Our Holiday collection is launching early December, so it will not be involved in the sale, but no worries we will have a discount code for the first day it launches so you can save some coins
  •  All orders over £25 will come with a free gorgeous liquid lipstick!
  • Free shipping for orders over £30- UK only
  • We get a lot of traffic on sale days like this so to ensure that we process all the orders effectively, this year, please be patient with us (as we are still a small business) and allow up to 7 working days for us to process your orders- we will be using up all our time effectively to package and post your life changing goods.

Now, the part you have been waiting for - the sale prices:

  • Hi-gleam Highlighters – 30% off
  • Lux Glosses – 20% off
  • Lip Glazes – 20% off
  • Skincare set (Body Oil, Facial Oil Blend, Oil Cleanser) – 30% off
  • Skincare individuals – 25% off

 Happy shopping and thanks for an awesome year,


Kemi x

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