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Welcome to KEM BEAUTY, the upcoming home of forward thinking luxury cosmetics. Based in the heart of the UK, London, here at Kem Beauty we believe that makeup should be one of the most exciting parts of your routine, and we aim to push products that not only guarantee quality but most importantly beauty. We aim to focus on shades and products that are needed but overlooked within the beauty industry, as it is about quality rather than quantity. We want to be the staple pieces within your cosmetics bag or makeup collection so we release new products and shades regularly until you find something(s) of ours that you cannot go without.

We think it is important to listen to the beauty-enthusiast, so if you email or message us a suggestion we will go straight to the drawing board and endeavour to make it happen as soon as we can. Beauty is a universal thing and needs universal input. Although we have a team of 2 people running our email system to ensure that you can communicate with us effectively, overall this is a business run by one person, so bear with us as we grow.

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Email: info@ShopKLB.com